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Important Updates

The conference is intended to cover the ASME core technical areas related to energy, manufacturing, and robotics and cross cutting technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity, materials, design, reliability, and sustainability. The conference will include topics such as emerging technologies for monitoring damage levels, analytical tools to quantify degradation rates with focus on probabilistic developments, case histories and definition of the way forward to develop recommended practices and standards.

The conference is expected to address the integrity management system for the following industries:

  1. Power generation (Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro, and Renewables)
  2. Oil and Gas (Up, Mid and Downstream & LNG)
  3. Transportation
  4. Water


  1. Asset Management Systems 
  2. Safety systems 
  3. Cyber security 
  4. Emergency shutdown 
  5. Extreme and disruptive events
  6. Risk Assessment & Resilience
  7. Degradation and damage mechanisms
  8. Inspection, monitoring & repair 
  9. Life extension of major components and systems 
  10. Decommissioning
  11. Emerging technology (AI, Digital & Sensors)
  12. Standards and Certifications